A long time ago in a country far far away...

While this isn't a unique story, it most definitely is a fascinating one.


I was born in a beautiful land called Venezuela, full of luscious green forests, natural wonders and surrounded by some of the warmest people in the planet. Even though I come from a small town that no one has ever heard of, my childhood was heavily influenced by the magical motion pictures I watched on VHS. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Back to the Future, Mary Poppins, A Never Ending Story and of course Star Wars!

Dreaming of one day being able to be a part of these magical pieces of art I migrated to the land of opportunity where I worked tirelessly to one day make it to Hollywood and work on the sequels to some of my favorite films growing up. I got my education, started working in the industry and eventually made it to the land of the Stars!

This story however is not one without hardship. Just when I was about to get my foot in the door and work on a big blockbuster, a family emergency saw me going back to Miami, Fl to take care of my family, and my dreams of working in Hollywood faded away.


What didn't fade away however was my passion for filmmaking, telling stories and creating awesome content. I got to hone my skills as a video editor, motion graphic artist, videographer and eventually photography as well.

Once my family was back on track, I embarked on a new adventure, this time I headed north to the city that never sleeps. I finally found the home that I was looking all along, New York City.

Here, I was able to spread my wings and apply all the disciplines I had acquired through the years. I became a Digital Media Specialist and that dream that had once faded returned! I've worked on Films, Prime Time TV shows, award winning advertising campaigns and YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of views. And what was once a photography hobby has now become a professional skill.

Even though this story started in a small town in a country far far away, it continues in the land of free, in the non-ending quest of making dreams come true!.